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Zac Brown slams Luke Bryan song

Luke Bryan’s “That’s My Kind Of Night” is a big hit for him but the song has NOT found a fan in Zac Brown.  

Zac calls it the “worst song I’ve ever heard”. He complained- “If I hear one more tailgate in the moonlight, daisy duke song, I’m gonna throw up. There’s songs out there on the radio right now that make me ashamed to be even in the same format as some other artists.”

Zac later clarified his comments to say that he loves Luke Bryan and thinks that he’s had some great songs, but that his criticism is with the song itself and acknowledged that Luke didn’t write it.

Here’s Luke performing “That’s My Kind Of Night” on the Today Show. You can fast forward to 2:26 to get to the song.


  1. Luke Bryan is hot and I love the song that Zac hates. Come to think of it, I generally change the station when Zac comes on.

  2. I’m waiting for someone to actually verbalize what is good about the song. I hear “It’s a number one song.” Great. So was “Achy-Breaky Heart.” Is that really the best you’ve got?

    Other typical answers: “That’s mean!” “Luke is so hot! Shake it for me country boy!” And my favorite, “You’re just jealous!”

    To date, I have not heard one person say one thing that really leads me to believe that they think the song is worth a damn.

  3. I like Luke and Zac ,,,I would like for both of them to record some Pappychris songs…..Check um out at Pappychris1 on twitter if you have time …

    God Bless you all….

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