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Win St. Louis Cardinals Tickets!

Listening to Cardinals Baseball on 94.3 KAT Country could put you in seats at a game!

94.3 KAT Country’s Cardinals Clips.

Each morning at 7:20 AM Erin & Matt in the Morning will play a highlight from the previous days game but leave out a key piece of information from the clip. They might leave out a players name or maybe just play a portion of the clip and ask you what happens next?

The first caller at 573.893.9494 to correctly answer the trivia will be qualified to win a pair of tickets to a St. Louis Cardinals game and win 5 Signature Crafted Sandwiches from McDonald’s!

Try one of the new Signature Crafted sandwiches from McDonald’s of Mid Missouri. These new premium sandwiches focus on fresh ingredients and give you choice & control. These new sandwiches allow you to “build” your own sandwich in three simple steps.

  • Choose your recipe (choose between 3 recipes: Pico Guacamole, Sweet BBQ Bacon, or Maple Bacon Dijon)
  • Choose your protein (1/4 lb. beef burger, Buttermilk Crispy Chicken, or Artisan Grilled Chicken)
  • Choose your bun (Sesame Seed Bun or Artisan Roll)

Each Friday we’ll randomly draw a winner from all qualifiers to win a pair of St. Louis Cardinals tickets!

Be sure to listen to Cardinals baseball on 94.3 KAT Country each day to have the best chance at winning 94.3 KAT Country’s Cardinals Clips.

Check out when you can hear the Redbirds play, HERE.


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  1. Christy Barron

    I love that you play the Cardinals games live!

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