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Win A Free Cheese Pizza

‘Tis the Season of Meatless Friday’s! In honor of Lent and $5 Friday’s at Papa Murhpy’s Pizza, we’re giving away FREE cheese pizzas!

Fridays are “Five Dollar Fridays” EVERY FRIDAY at Papa Murphy’s Pizza! Stop by and pick up a one-topping thin crust pizza for just five bucks!

For your chance to win hang out with Erin & Matt in the Morning every Friday morning during Lent.

Each Friday they’ll play The Cheesiest Joke at 7:20 a.m. They’ll give you the set-up to a cheesy joke – to win, all you have to do is call (573) 893-9494 and give them the correct punchline.

Set Up – “What do you call a pile of kittens?”
Punchline – “A Meowtine.”

Good luck and thanks for listening to 94.3 KAT Country!


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