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  1. would love to help others in the season of Christmas

  2. $1000 would make it a very merry christmas

  3. $1000 would help with getting gifts for my kids and new tires on my truck!

  4. $1000 would help so much!

  5. I would definitely help buy Christmas for my grandkids this year

  6. $1,000 would help out with Christmas this year. This is an amazing thing! Thank You!

  7. Shelley Meredith-Walton

    YAY!!!!! that would be so AWESOME!!!!

  8. $1000 would go a long way with my family.

  9. Love to win it could make my grandkids happy campers

  10. My family could use a little extra holiday cheer this year.

  11. Winning this money would be a blessing,I could make alot of less fortunate kids and my grandkids have a very Merry Christmas …thank you for the opportunity.Good luck to all

  12. I would love to win that money.. My grandchildren would have a much better Christmas.. Thanks for the chance..

  13. Definitely make for some happy kiddos…and husband if he behaves

  14. I could really use this

  15. So could use this just had twins with health issues, so low on money but have an older daughter an family I would love to still make a great Christmas for. It would be such a major blessing. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  16. Stephanie Campbell

    I would buy blankets for the homeless people I am fundraising for to hand out on the cold streets of Baltimore!

  17. Would absolutely love to win 1,000!! I would buy my grandsons Christmas gifts first!! Thank you for the chance to win!! 🙂

  18. I am in desparte need of two tires on my old car. This money would go a long way getting the car safe to drive again. I have some wonderful young great-grand kids I could make a little happy for Christmas this year. Thanks a lot for the chance to enter your drawing.

  19. I would finish up with my son and then take the rest and sponsor a family(with gifts for all and a Christmas dinner)

  20. The first thing I would do is donate $100 to the Samaritan Center. Then I would give $100 to Toys for Tots. Lastly I would buy $200 worth of food and presents for a family in need (of your choice). The rest would give my kids the christmas I haven’t been able to the last couple years.

  21. Woohoo would be great!

  22. Would love to win the $1000

  23. I would spend it all on my family

  24. I could help a lot of people with this money…

  25. would love to win it will really help pay for my daughter’s bday and Christmas especially since i was recently laid off.

  26. I hope I will win $1000 for my birthday on December 29, and I can go home for vacation.God bless. Thank you.

  27. Thank you for this opportunity . If I won this is a very big help for me and to my family because until now my life so hard in the Philippines. I am a working students and I am far for my family thats y I work and study hard. I hope I will win $1000 for my birthday on December 29, and I can go home for vacation because until now I wonder if how I can go back home to celebrate my birthday with my whole family.God bless to us.Thank you.

  28. It would be a miracle for me. I’m a adopt a family in
    Boone County, sponsored by Voluntary Action Center each year at Xmas plus I have 7 Grandchildren and a Great-Grandson. I encourage one and all to sponsor a family for Xmas, no child should be without presents under the tree. Call Voluntary Action Center for info. Merry Xmas.

  29. I would get my Marines care packages sent off first, than workbon the 4 grand babies items.

  30. Jesus is the reason for the season . Bless you for helping someone celebrate his birth . Im on a fixed income like many others and would appreciate the help to provide a blessed Christmas for family , church , and taxes.

  31. I would love to be able to stop stressing about Christmas. I either have to let a bill go and get my kiddos Christmas or pay the bills and have very little to get the kids but I know there’s people out there worse off than me…I just need to be Thankful for what I have two loving healthy children but the 1,000 would definitely be a blessing!!

  32. $1000 could go a long way with helping a lot people! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to win.

  33. It would be great to win this money. This year has been a tough one for our family, we have experience several deaths and my husband got hurt and had to have immediate surgery and is still on his way to recovery. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  34. Would come in handy at this time of the year.

  35. Thank oh for this wonderful chance to brighten the Holidays!

  36. A $1000 would put a down payment on a new car.

  37. $1,000 would be wonderful to have for Christmas.

  38. What a blessing this could be!

  39. this would be such a blessing for me to be able to afford the gifts my children want and deserve for once, as well as my nieces and nephews. Christmas time is a struggle for many of us with lower income to be able to get our children a nice Christmas. Thank you for the chance at that 🙂

  40. I have been short financially this year due to several surgeries with complications and not being able to work throughout the year. My son is graduating college next month and I will need money to travel to Cape Girardeau to see him graduate & take him out to dinner to celebrate. He is such a great person and hard worker and is planning to go on to complete his Masters!! This money would help us end the year on a great note!! Thank you,!!

  41. This would be great to win ! It would make my family
    Have a merry Christmas an I would buy for the needy
    Children that need to have a merry Christmas too
    Thank you!!!

  42. This would be AWESOME to win!! 1000$ can help out so much for Christmas this year!

  43. It would be so wonderful to win this money. I had money saved for Chriatmas, but my transmission went out on my car. So I had to spend it for the transmission. So long Christmas money!

  44. Thanks for all you do to make my day a little better. Your station is the only one I listen to. Again 1000.00 would definitely make my Christmas awesome! Not for me but for my family. I love the looks on their faces when they open the presents. All worth it! Thanks so much!

  45. Hey we all could use that card. So may the best one win is all we can wish for.

  46. I became disabled after a below the knee amputation that left me in a wheelchair. I am also a single mom of three wonderful kids ages 16,15, and would be awesome to give them a really wonderful Christmas after everything they’ve been thru the last couple of years.
    My kids have stepped up and taking care of me instead of hanging out with their friends. They give unselfishly to help me by doing alot of things I used to be able to do. Due to being disabled, money is accounted for and thrre isn’t any extra money to be able to give the kids Christmas.

  47. 94.3 is “purr-fect” for my early morning commute! This give away of $1000.00 is going to bless someone – hopefully it will be our family!

  48. Love KAT Country, and the Holidays. I love to share and see smiles on other human faces. IF I could win something of this magnitude, I would share the wealth.

  49. Who couldn’t use $1000 extra a this time of year! Thanks for the chance to enter

  50. Love listing to love all the. Old songs

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