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Vince Gill Joins the Eagles on the Road

Vince Gill is more than happy to hit the road with the Eagles, if that’s where this latest incarnation of the group is headed. Gill, along with the late-Glenn Frey’s son Deacon Frey, will provide guitars and vocals on some of Glenn’ timeless Eagles hits during next month’s Classic East/West stadium shows in L.A. and New York City. Gill was asked if he’d be game staying on should the band decide to take the show on the road, and told Rolling Stone, “Are you kidding me? I’d be the first one on the bus. They probably don’t take a bus, but I’ll drive myself. I’ll take my own car. You couldn’t dream this up to get to go play in your favorite band — the most important American band in history.”

Gill, a country legend in his own right, was asked if over the years he was closest to Frey, and explained, “Maybe. But I really got to know Don (Henley) a lot better when he made his solo record (Cass County). I played and sang on it. Now we are doing a duet together for a tribute to Elton John. And Joe (Walsh) and I kicked around the idea of doing a Traveling Wilburys thing. We were headed down that path and then the tragedy happened to Glenn. I think everybody is trying to figure it out, and see if it even feels good to them or feels right.”

Gill, who revealed he’ll be singing “Lyin’ Eyes,” “New Kid In Town,” “Take It To The Limit” and “Heartache Tonight” during the upcoming shows, went on to talk about the upcoming stadium gigs and his part in them: “With Deacon being a part of it, it’s the most appropriate thing. He’s blood and he’s his son. That’s healing in its own. I’m beyond flattered that of all the people who play and sing music, that they’d think enough of me to do this. I feel like I’m a great fit. The things I can do and the gifts I’ve been given really marry well. The impact they’ve had on all of music didn’t miss me. It scarred me real good. A record of mine like When Love Finds You sounds like an Eagles record. They’ve been as big a part of my learning curve as the greats of the country and Western world.”

Gill went on to talk about the importance and massive influence of the Eagles in redefining the landscape in country music: “We all talk about our history in country music and we respect Merle Haggard and George Jones. And I mean no disrespect when I say this, but the Eagles had a bigger impact in that more people chose to emulate them. You take any of the bands from the ’80s, ’90s, or even solo artists, and you don’t find many of them emulating George Jones or Merle Haggard. I find it interesting in that country music never embraced the Eagles, yet they had as profound an impact as anybody that’s ever been in country music.”

For the first time in nearly 40 years, the upcoming stadium shows will mark the first when bassist Timothy B. Schmit will NOT be the “new guy” in the band. Schmit was the last official Eagle to join the band after the release of the 1976 blockbuster Hotel California and before the sessions for 1979’s The Long Run. Schmit knew that he was just the player the group needed following Randy Meisner’s defection in late-1977, “A really great thing that happened when Glenn first called me and then it all unfolded when I said, ‘Yes, I want to do this’ was that they asked me to join before we played one note of Eagles music together. I was the one they wanted and it seemed like a really perfect fit to me. It just did — I’m not blowin’ my own horn. But it was obviously a great thing for me, but I really knew that I was the perfect guy to go there. I knew how to do what they wanted me to do.”



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