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Travelin’ Song of the Day WINNER!


Thank you so much to every who played along with 94.3 KAT Country’s Travelin’ Song of the Day with Classic Travel and Tours.

All great things come to an end and this contest is now over. Before we officially call it a wrap we need to announce out grand prize winner!

Congratulations to…

Brittney Walters of Jefferson City

Brittney is our grand prize winner and has won $500 to help out with her holiday travels.



  1. On the road again by Willie Nelson

  2. On the road again by Willie Nelson

  3. I have tried to send song have you received it yet

  4. On the road again
    Willie nelson

  5. On the road again

  6. Barefoot blue.jean night

  7. Barefoot blue jean night

  8. Red dirt road

  9. Red dirt road.

  10. Red Dirt Road

  11. Life is a highway

  12. Life is a hiway

  13. Life is a highway

  14. Life Is A Highway

  15. Life is a highway

  16. Highway men

  17. Highwayman

  18. Cruise

  19. cruise

  20. Every mile a memory

  21. Every Mile A Memory

  22. Every mile a memory

  23. “Take a Back Road”

  24. Take a Back Road

  25. Take a back road

  26. Take A Back Road

  27. Take the back road

  28. Take a back road

  29. King of the road

  30. Shelley Meredith-Walton

    King of the Road by Roger Miller

  31. Take A Back Road

  32. Take A Back Road

  33. Take a back road

  34. Take a back road

  35. Take a back road

  36. East bound An down

  37. Eastbound and down

  38. East Bound & Down

  39. Amarillo by morning

  40. Amarillo by morning


  42. Amarillo by Morning

  43. Im good as gone

  44. Good as gone by little big town

  45. Good as Gone by Little Big town

  46. Good as gone by Little Big Town


  48. I’ve been everywhere by johnny cash

  49. I’ve been everywhere

  50. I’ve Been Everywhere Man

  51. I’ve been everywhere

  52. I’ve been everywhere by johnny cash

  53. I’ve been everywhere

  54. I’ve been Everywhere

  55. Shelley Meredith-Walton

    I’ve been everywhere by Johnny Cash

  56. I’ve been everywhere by Johnny Cash

  57. I’ve been everywhere

  58. I Love KAT Country

  59. I Luv Kat Country

  60. Dirt road anthem

  61. Dirt road anthem

  62. Dirt Road Anthem

  63. Dirt Road Anthem

  64. Dirt road anthem

  65. I love KAT Country

  66. I Love KAT Country!

  67. Dirt Road Anthem- Jason Aldean

  68. Dirt road anthem

  69. I Love KAT Country

  70. I Love KAT Country!


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