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Thomas Rhett is Nervous About Releasing New Album

Thomas Rhett has enjoyed Number One hit after Number One hit yet he still admits to being nervous about releasing his new album, Life Changes on Friday, September 8th.

Thomas explains, “I get really nervous before an album comes out, for sure, but it’s because I have been living with these songs for two years.  I’ve had a chance to hate them and then a chance to love them.  I’ve had a chance to listen to a lot of songs and be like, ‘Those aren’t right.’  And these are the ones that I picked.  The rest of the world, it’s scary because a lot of people may only give the record one chance.  They might not even listen to the record.  They might give three songs one chance, so you have to hope that the 14 songs you chose can make an impact in a short 30 second clip.  And if they don’t, then maybe that person might not ever listen to your music.  But I think it’s the best, most clever writing that I think I’ve done and the best in-studio production that I feel like I’ve been a part of.  So I know my fans are gonna love it because if they traveled with me from the first record to the second record, then they can travel with me from two to three.”

Thomas will celebrate the release of Life Changes with a special three-city Live From The B-Stage album release experience on Friday inspired by the B-stage moment in his live show. All in one day, he will visit Boston, Philadelphia and Chicago, three nostalgic and personally meaningful cities, to perform more new music from Life Changes and share stories behind the new music.

On Sunday, September 10th, Thomas heads to Atlantic City, NJ as a judge for the finals of the Miss America 2018 competition airing live on ABC. He will appear on NBC’s Today show on Tuesday, September 12th to perform two new songs off Life Changes including his Number One Gold-certified lead single “Craving You.”

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  1. I love the song “County Gold” on the CD “Life Chages”, Bonus Track ( only at Target ). When will that sog be released?

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