Target and many other stores will be closed on Thanksgiving
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Target And Walmart Closed For Thanksgiving

As the mighty pandemic continues it is consistently making everyone change their day to day lives. Yes, this also includes retailers like Target. Holiday shopping is going to look a bit different this year, as their will no doubt be many rules set in place for safety purposes.

While many things about the holidays are uncertain one thing is clear…doors will be closed all day long on November 26th. Target announced it will be closing its doors on Thanksgiving for the first time since 2011. This news comes just after Walmart recently announced the same thing as they are giving their employees some well deserved time off.

Target released a statement saying. “Historically, deal hunting and holiday shopping can mean crowded events, and this isn’t a year for crowds.” And there you have it! Looks like there won’t be any early Black Friday shopping this year. We will have to get up bright and early the good old fashion way. However, surely there will be many limits and restrictions this year… but hey, online shopping is always an option!

Are you upset about the closure of the stores this year? Or are you happen that these companies are giving their employees a break for once?

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