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Sugarland Is Back

Sugarland is back together and working on NEW music!

 Jennifer Nettles said their four-year separation is over. Jennifer said, “I . . . feel like from a timing perspective it’s like, ‘Okay, let’s get back together and see what we have to offer to this project now.’ We’ll continue to float in and out of those two realms between Sugarland and in our own stuff at this point.”

During the four years apart, both Jennifer and Kristian Bush pursued solo careers. Jennifer released two albums,That Girl and Playing With Fire, and Kristian released Southern Gravity.

Sugarland will still have their signature sound. They launched a social media campaign that tags everything with #StillTheSame. Jennifer explains, “We’ve been doing all these wonderful things that have helped us grow as individuals and as artists, and yet we’re still the same Sugarland that you love. Sugarland has a specific sound and I feel like people are really connected to that, so I’m excited about getting to provide that sound, too.”

Check out the duo’s Instagram post below!

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