Students find clever way to skip online classes!

Students Find A Way to Skip Zoom Classes

Let’s face it, as long as there is a school around students will find a way to skip! There were many popular ways to skip school when we were growing up. Like faking a fever or being sick, skipping school, “miss the bus”, or faking note from your parents or doctor. Nowadays there is a new method… Tik Tok!

This new trend sees kids using a smartphone to cue up a video that plays the sounds of a distorted Zoom call. To the teachers, it looks like the student tried to participate in class but a technical glitch is happening, and after they disconnect they just calk it up to technical difficulties. I have to say this is a very smart move whoever was the first to implement this is a genius!

Obviously this is creating a lot of confusion as some professors and teachers are having real issues with online connectivity. Problems with online learning are to be expected especially when it comes to technology not working the way it should.

What was a way that got you out of school for a day? Let us know!

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