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New Year, New Single From Billy Currington

Billy Currington’s current album, Summer Forever, has already seen a few singles hit the airways.

Billy’s singles “Don’t It,” “It Don’t Hurt Like It Used To” and “Do I Make You Wanna” all were number ones, but will his latest single “Wake Me Up” do the same? “Wake Me Up,” caught Billy’s attention the first time he heard it. He said he was drawn to the acoustic guitar part in particular. Billy explained, “The song ‘Wake Me Up’ is the third song on the album. When we recorded the song, I remember the acoustic  player playing a certain part in the very beginning, and it was so beautiful is the word. I just wanted to hear it over and over and over, and I was like, ‘Wow! This guy is so good, and I can’t believe this is gonna be on this song on my album, just something as simple as that one little acoustic part.’ So, now when I play the album, I crank that part up. I just love it, and it’s such a happy song. So much fun. I could go on and on about it.”

Listen to what Billy was talking about and check out the lyric video for “Wake Me Up” below.



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