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New Hunter Hayes Single!

Hunter Hayes has a new single he’ll be debuting today!

The new song called “All For You” will be performed live on ABC’s Good Morning America this morning! The song will be featured in the new family friendly movie Monster Trucks by Paramount Pictures.

Hunter will also be debuting new music from his upcoming third album on Billboard’s live stream today! Check it out at 3:30 pm Central at

Hunter recently said,  “This past year has been such an incredible journey for me, both personally and creatively, and I can’t wait to share new music with everybody. You never know where a song will take you or how it might affect somebody, and while we work on finishing the new album and putting out more songs, it’s really cool to have this one I wrote a while back come to life with a film and be able to share it in its own unique way.”

Check out the trailer to Monster Trucks below!

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