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National Anthem On Sunday, Who Tackles It Better?

All eyes will be on Luke Bryan this Sunday!

Luke will be singing the National Anthem prior to kickoff of the Super Bowl. Little Big Town has had a lot of practice performing the National Anthem over the years and they are confident their friend, Luke, will knock it outta the park! Little Big Town know it’s not an easy song to perform and it will definitely be a high pressure situation. In fact, Karen Fairchild, Kimberly Schlapman, Jimi Westbrook and Phillip Sweet say that Luke is gonna rock it! They said, “Luke’s gonna have fun. (Kimberly) He’s gonna be great. I’m proud. I’m so proud. It’s Country music. (Karen) I know, it’s great, and he’s gonna kill it. I just hope people are just kind. It’s so hard to sing the anthem. You guys sing it. I mean sing it. (Jimi laughs). And remember all the words. Everybody that’s so critical on social media of people singing it I’m like, ‘Well you stand here and sing it.’ (Jimi) Let’s hear you. (Phillip) The range from the lowest note to the highest note is like incredible. (Karen) He’s gonna kill it. It’s gonna be awesome. (Jimi) He’ll do great.”

We have  no doubt! Remember when Luke sang the National Anthem before the MLB All-Star game in 2012? What about when Little Big Town sang it before the College National Championship game last month? Get a refresher of both performances below and watch Luke Bryan perform it live Sunday at 4:30 on FOX!

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