Mask Mouth is on the rise in the states!

Mask Mouth Is On The Rise In The U.S.

Taking a walk outside these days it’s not uncommon to see people roaming the streets with face masks. After all, we are going through a pandemic. However, as we all get used to wearing these, a side effect has begun to show itself. Mask Mouth! By wearing these on our faces most of the day it’s starting to causing dental issues for some.

Dentists from Manhattan explained, there has been a rise in inflammation to the gums and cavities in people who have never had issues before. “Mask Mouth” is begging to happen because most of us while wearing one breath through our mouths rather than our nose. This in turn causes dry mouth, the perfect scenario for tooth decay, and gum disease to start.

We are also drinking less water while wearing these masks. The fact that we have also increased our coffee and alcohol intake only ads to the issue of Mask Mouth. On the bright side, more people are now more aware of their dental hygiene than ever before! Don’t let this discourage you from putting one on your face, just learn to breathe through your nose and you will be fine!

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