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Luke Bryan Sends Message To Haters

What better way to address them then by song?

So if you thought that maybe Luke Bryan was talking to his haters with the title track of his latest album, “What Makes You Country,”well, you’d be correct. Luke said, “That was exactly what I was doing with that. I mean, I would be foolish to say that I don’t get frustrated with people picking me apart about not being country when I know I’m country, but I’m also smart enough to not put the same dated-sounding kind of country music out. I mean, I can’t continue to put out the I’ll Stay Me album. I mean, I’ll put an album out that has all these Number Ones on that and people are like, ‘All you do is sing about trucks,’ and I’m like, ‘Well, I guess that’s what fans want to hear cause they keep showing up for it,’ but there’s a lot of people out there that just are gonna hate me no matter what. They just hate me cause I walk around smiling more than the average bear, so with ‘What Makes You Country’ if they hear that chorus — ‘I got my dirt road cred when I was 12 on a no cab tractor hauling hay bales,’ which I did and still do — and they still want to call me not country, well then they’re just being ignorant.”

Listen for yourself! Do you think Luke gets his point across?

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