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Lauren Alaina Adds Actress To Resume

Lauren Alaina is making her way to a small screen near you.

She stars in a new romantic comedy called Road Less Traveled, which is named after Lauren’s hit single. The movie will debut on Friday, November 10th at 8 p.m. on CMT. 

It’s her first feature-length film, Lauren stars as Charlotte, a successful songwriter struggling to balance her career and her dream of the perfect wedding. Charlotte returns to her rural hometown of Harmony, TN where she faces her past and reconsiders her future, especially after a chance encounter with her first love, Ray, played by Donny Boaz. Jason Burkey and Charlene Tilton also appear in the film. 

Lauren was excited to try acting. She said, “I am so excited that I have filmed a movie and I am like an actress. It was awesome. It was the craziest schedule of all time thought, because I had to squeeze it in between like touring and recording an album and getting it out, but it was such a learning experience for me. I love to learn. I love to push myself to be better at things, and I’ve never really acted before, so this was a whole new world for me.”

Watch the trailer to Lauren’s movie, Road Less Traveled, below.



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