LANCO’s Early Struggles Make Success That Much Sweeter

Newly-crowned ACM New Group of the Year LANCO have definitely come a long way from their early beginnings as a band. When it comes to paying their dues, these guys have struggled and gone without to make their musical dreams come true.

Lead singer Brandon Lancaster talks about their early days of barely getting by, “Four out of five of us were all on a lease together in a house that like at any time eight guys were living in. It was a two bedroom house. (Tripp Howell) Brandon couldn’t afford $150 in rent (laughs). (Brandon) Yeah, I ended up subleasing my room and just living on the couch because even like a hundred bucks was too much, so to go from that . . . and we used to practice in a warehouse and drive around, we started out like in an Expedition then a van then an RV and now all the physical things — we all have our own places, we have a tour bus and all these cool things have happened.”

LANCO just released the video for their new single, “Rival,” which already boasts over one million streams. The video was filmed in Nashville and brings together a diverse crowd from all walks of life who have overcome judgement cast by others.

Brandon said, “We really wanted to capitalize on the true message behind the song that was built from different times in our lives and the stories from fans who have felt beat-down and lost, but ultimately find hope and redemption. Every caption on that wall was an experience that person had to overcome, and when it was knocked down you could feel the genuine joy from everyone on the set. It was a powerful moment I’ll never forget.”

“Rival” is the lead single from LANCO’s upcoming sophomore album.

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