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Is Kid Rock Running For Senate?

It looks like Kid Rock could be the next celebrity to run for public office. 

Kid Rock, who’s real name is Robert Ritchie, took to Twitter yesterday to stir the pot some more on the rumors.

Notice that he confirmed the website,, but was not necessarily confirming a campaign for Senate.

Kid Rock also Tweeted yesterday that he does have some more news to reveal soon.

If Mr. Rock does indeed run for Senate, he would be running as a Republican next year in his home state of Michigan.


Skeptics have noted that the website only contains merchandise and that this could all be a marketing ploy. 

Also on the skeptics side is that there is no Federal Election Committee currently filed under Kid Rock or Robert Ritchie, and the deputy chief of staff for the Michigan Republican Party has said,

We have not had any conversations with Kid Rock so I cannot speak to the validity of this.

Kid Rock has been more political this past year. He’s been an outspoken supporter of President Trump, performed at last year’s Republican National Convention, and has even visited the White House. 

So what do you think? If you lived in Michigan could you see your self checking a ballot with Kid Rocks name on it?

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