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Kenny Chesney Is Prepared To Spread The Love

Kenny Chesney has lost his home on the U.S. Virgin Island of St. John. He said, “It’s just simply gone.”

That statement was made during an interview with HLN’s Robin Meade. Kenny went on to say,

“I’m gonna do everything that I possibly can to try to relieve some stress from people that I’ve really grown to love over the years, who have meant so much to my life”

You can watch and listen to Kenny’s full interview below. 

Kenny shared photos on his Twitter account showing to the devastation to the Island he often calls home. 

In response to Hurricane Irma Kenny Chesney has form Love For Love City Foundation. He’s set on helping the island community rebuild. He’s even going to be using his musical talents to help raise money.

The following statement is directly from Kenny Chesney’s website regarding the foundation…

As daylight is hitting the islands, and we’re really getting a sense of how bad this all is…

I don’t know what to say. I’ve never been in war, but the devastation, the people’s faces in a place I know by heart have left me feeling helpless. It’s total devastation.

These are people who live off the sea, who depend on it. They live right there, and it’s gone. Most everyone’s displaced. They are frightened, confused, and they don’t know where help is going to come from. Those lives have changed and will never be the same. Those small islands are hard to get to and they rely on each other to get through what life hands them. For all of them, though, they’ve been where I’ve leaned for emotional and creative support for fifteen years because they are so generous. 

I don’t know right now how we’re going to do this. But I want to help. I want to enlist my friends to figure out the best ways to make a difference, to help in whatever ways, small or larger, that we can. I’m blessed with so many great people… We’re already talking, trying to figure out how to get in there. And I know the No Shoes Nation is mighty. They’ve dug in before and made a difference. I have a feeling once we have our plans in the place, they’ll be there again.

Give us a few days to figure this out. Pray/send good thoughts to everyone who’s been affected or is in the path of Hurricane Irma. This is unlike anything they’ve ever seen from St Maartens to St Barths to Puerto Rico then the Caribbean and onto Key West.

Be safe. Tell someone how much you care. Remember to Spread the Love.
More soon, 

UPDATE: We’ve created a way for you to donate to the official Love for Love City Foundation. You can support online via PayPal, by mailing a check, by making cash contributions via Wire or ACH transfer or by contributing Marketable Securities. Details for all of those options are below. 




Love For Love City Foundation
c/o Wells Fargo Private Bank
3100 West End Avenue, Suite 530
Nashville, TN 37203
TAX ID#: 35-2129262 


May be transmitted by wire or ACH transfer to: 
Wells Fargo Bank, Routing Number: 121000248
Credit To: Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc. 
Fund Account Number: 2000044161466
Be sure to include the Donor’s name and Love for Love City Foundation in the instructions.


Contributions of publicly traded stock, publicly traded bonds, and similar securities may be made. Marketable securities may be transferred using the following transfer instructions:

DTC# 0141
Account Owner: Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc. 
Account Number: 5101-0940
Be sure to include the Donor’s name and Love For Love City Foundation in the instructions.

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