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Keith Urban Collaborated With Pop Star On Album

Keith Urban has collaborated with many people and this time, it’s with a well known pop star!

Keith’s upcoming album will include a song co-written by pop star Ed Sheeran. They never collaborated in the studio and the track also features Ed’s guitar playing, which Keith tells us was just too good to replace. Keith explains,“I got sent a song that he had written with quite a few writers, but it took a long time for me to get it right where I wanted the song to sit as a record. That took a few attempts at getting it where I wanted it. In the end I went with a version that those guys had done a demo of which Ed was playing acoustic guitar on it, electric guitar, singing the song of course, all the backing vocals and everything, and so I just basically used the template of what they’d done with that version and replaced the guitar parts all except the acoustic which is Ed playing. His playing was so great on the song I just left it. There was no need to replace it. It sounded great, so he’s not singing on the track but he’s playing acoustic.”

The song wasn’t written specifically for him, but Keith says that Ed and his co-writers thought the song needed to be recorded by a country artist. There is no news yet on when Keith’s new album will be released.

Check out the album’s debut single, “Female,” below.

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