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Josh Turner’s New Album Included Hard Decisions

Josh Turner’s new album, Deep South, is definitely a country project, but this time he decided to go for a bit of a different sound with certain songs. Josh says that the success — or lack thereof — of his debut single, “Lay Low,” was the incentive he needed to make some tough changes.

Josh tells us more, “Well, my intention when I first started this record was to really shake things up production-wise, but that didn’t exactly happen. When ‘Lay Low’ didn’t perform the way we wanted it to that was the catalyst, really, for me to make some hard decisions that I had kind of been avoiding and those hard decisions I think paid off when you hear songs like ‘Hometown Girl’ and some of the older stuff that we kind of went in, freshened up and updated, so I think there’s a little bit of something for everybody on this record.”

“Hometown Girl” is a Top 12 hit and climbing on the country charts.

Josh heads to Las Vegas to perform at the ACM Party For A Cause event on April 2nd at the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino.

Josh Turner had some special guests join him on this week’s episode of Unscripted! Check out Southern History with Kids!




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