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Jason Aldean and Friends Celebrate Hit

It was a big night for Jason Aldean!

Jason celebrated his 20th Number One hit, “You Make It Easy,” with a party at his very own Jason Aldean’s Kitchen + Rooftop Bar yesterday in Nashville. He was joined by the song’s writers and his good friends Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line, Morgan Wallen and Jordan Schmidt.

Morgan and Tyler said”You Make It Easy” was pitched to Jason by Tyler, who decided to play it for Jason while the two were just hanging out. There’s some confusion as to whether all the writers were on board about letting someone else cut the song, which they knew was a hit. Morgan explained, “Tyler didn’t really give us a choice. He just went over and gave it to him. (laughter) (Tyler) Actually, that’s the truth, isn’t it? My bad. We definitely had a phone call and we all got excited knowing that Jason was gonna cut that song, and we honestly all thought it was a hit as well. I mean, us and Morgan, we were both like, ‘Man, we could definitely cut this. This is a jammer, but I think it’d be awesome. Aldean’s cutting next week. Let’s get this thing out there,’ and I think it’s another just good example of a song living where it’s supposed to live. (Jason) I think that speaks volumes to these guys as far as songwriters because a song like that that you clearly listen to that song and know that there’s something special about it, but for these guys to be willing to give that up and go, ‘Hey, you cut that. We’ll go write another one next week.’ You know, that’s kind of the mentality of how they think, and big thank you to these guys even though Morgan didn’t get a vote. (Morgan) I was just kidding. I was thrilled. (Jason laughs) (Jason) I’ll buy you dinner sometime.”

Check out all three videos for “You Make It Easy” below!

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