How To Survive Your Work Christmas Party

‘Tis the season for work Christmas parties! So how do you survive mixing booze, coworkers, and a night made for partying?

Some of use more than others know just how easy it is to embarrass yourself at a work Christmas party. It’s a night that’s made for a fun with you coworkers but too often they end in drunken disasters.

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At the 94.3 KAT Country work Christmas parties we always have “The One”. Nobody wants to be “The One” but it seems like we’ve all taken our turn being “The One” that had one too many drinks, stayed at the after party far too long, or ended up having embarrassing photo booth photos blasted all over social media.

So how do you end up NOT being “The One”?

Business Insider recently revealed their list for 17 tips for surviving your office holiday party

  • Show Up
  • But don’t show up perfectly on time
  • Ask about the dress code ahead of time
  • Use the party an an opportunity to meet people you don’t already know
  • Feel free to approach senior leadership
  • Don’t go on an empty stomach
  • Don’t explicitly conduct business
  • Don’t talk politic, either
  • Be sensitive to different religious affiliations
  • Know your drinking limit
  • Don’t get romantic with another employee
  • Loosen up a bit
  • Don’t be the last one to leave the party
  • Don’t go to the third venue (The after party’s after party)
  • Make sure you say goodbye to people
  • Be mindful of social media
  • Make it to work the next day

So keep it together this year and have a great work Christmas party!


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