Fake sickness with marker

How A Marker Can Get You A Free Sick Day

A marker?!?!? really… As a kid I would have done anything to get out of going to school. But since I can’t go back in time, I just have to live through someone else experience. The someone in this story is six year old Lily Schooley from England.

You see, Lily noticed that many kids were out of school from an outbreak of the chickenpox. So like any kid, she thought… time to fake it! Apparently young Lilly asked her parents if she could borrow a red Sharpie to “do her homework”. However, this was her downfall. Minutes later she went to her parents claiming she had a “rash”. Lily’s parents had to stop themselves from laughing as they saw her covered in red spots and smelling a lot like Sharpie.

As any wise parent would do they threatened to take her to the doctors office, which caused Lily to break down and confess. She went back to school the next day with marker spots still all over her and had to convince to everyone that they were fake and not contagious. The spots didn’t go away until 4 days later… talk about karma.

While this didn’t work for young Lily this could potentially work for you, though you could only do it once and you might lose you job if anyone ever found out. What we do want to know is have you every try any unique methods to get out of work or school? If so, please let us know!

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