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Granger Smith Has A Social Distancing Blueprint

Has Granger Smith solved how to do a live show during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic?

Granger Smith has created a smart blueprint for social distancing at concerts and he’s using it. He came up with the plan for his 4th of July show and it included every imaginable scenario including seating, distance from the stage, which is about 30 feet, bathroom lines, and even how fans leave a venue. His crew is not allowed to take off their masks and he and the band only take theirs off as they step on stage.

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It even includes a plan for if his fans rush to the stage. That would mean walking off the stage and there would be a PA announcement that the show would not continue until everything gets back in order.

To assure distancing at last weekend’s concert, he only sold 3,500 tickets for an outdoor venue that holds 12,000 people. The idea for the blueprint came about after the backlash Chris Janson and Chase Rice received from playing to packed crowds. Check out what it looks like below!


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