Globe will help you destress!
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Globe is Here to Help You Get Away

So, the past few months have been quite rough! Not just here in the States, but all around the globe. You might have noticed it’s hard to focus or really get anything done. While our minds rush from thought to thought, or we worry about everything we are seeing online we are neglecting something very important… Ourselves!

It’s okay to want to get away from everything or finally get a little bit of peace and quiet. As it turns out you are not alone either! There is a website called Globe living that allows people to rent quiet, local spaces hourly. Giving you a moment to yourself to unwind, or maybe just a nice place to actually get some work done.

Since lockdown and many other things currently happening in the world, Globe has gained, 25,000 new users. The app was created originally for a space to go to between meetings. However, with the state of everything the app has found a new audience. Much like Airbnb, Globe relies on people willing to have spaces to rent out but only hourly as overnight stays are prohibited.

Since the pandemic hit though, updates to the safety policy have been issued. Users now have to come alone, submit a photo for verification, as well as provide a body temperature reading. Owners of the spaces being rented are also required to clean between guests too of course.

Would you feel comfortable going into someone else home or establishment right now? Or is the peace and quiet worth the possible risk?

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