Foster Parents Needed In Jefferson City Area

Coyote Hill is looking for individuals and families in the Jefferson City area who may be interested in becoming foster parents.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything, the need for children to have safe homes has stayed the same. In fact, the need for foster parents has continued to rise. Coyote Hill licenses and trains potential foster and adoptive parents across mid-Missouri. Our next available STARS class – a required course for perspective foster parents – will be held virtually beginning September 14. ­

Matt visits with the CEO of Coyote Hill, Larry McDaniel to learn more about the organization and the need for foster parents in Mid-Missouri.

The Need

According to Children’s Division staff, as of June 2020, Cole County had 159 children in foster care. There were just 39 licensed foster homes and none were currently available. Callaway County had ­170 children in care and just 12 licensed foster homes, none of which were available for placements.

When children come into care, every effort is made to place them with a relative. If that cannot be done, it is most desirable to place them in a foster home in the county in which they reside. When that is not possible, children are forced to move, which can cause more trauma.

The Why

This year, Coyote Hill has trained and licensed 28 families across mid-Missouri – one in Cole County and three in Callaway County. We want to see those numbers grow before the end of the year. We believe in our capital city and its surrounding communities and we know there are families who can help. When you invest in a child in the foster care system, you have the opportunity to positively impact their personal future, as well as the future of their family. When families are safe, our communities are safe. 

If you are interested in learning more about how to get started, contact us today at (573) 874-0179, send an email to Amy at or go online to

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