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Erin’s Book Box 5

This month’s Missouri River Regional Library Book Box was FANTASTIC!

In case you didn’t know, the Missouri River Regional Library is back open! They have lots of ways for you to enjoy the library including homebound delivery and curbside pickup! Also, their awesome Bookmobile is back and running in the community! If you haven’t already, get your FREE library card today! Find out about all these amazing services now!

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This book was my favorite this month! The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson was very hard to put down! If someone wronged you and you could get away with it, would you kill them? More importantly, how far is too far? When a woman meets a man in an airport bar and decides to help him get rid of his cheating wife, neither stop to think of the consequences. Peter Swanson keeps you guessing!

This novel is not for the faint of heart. It is disturbing and violent. Karin Slaughter wrote a book I couldn’t put it down, even though I had to read it with the lights on! A family loses their teen daughter. They are left with zero closure since she disappeared and it ultimately tears the family apart. What seems like the case of a possible runaway, turns out to be much more. Pretty Girls won’t leave your mind for a long time.

There is a good chance you have binge-watched the popular series on Netflix of the same name. Yes, this novel is the inspiration behind the series and yes, the book is exactly like the series but BETTER! Caroline Kepnes has the ability to write an even creepier version of Joe. You will make you question what you’re putting on social media and will inspire you to keep your curtains closed at all times. You will, at times, find yourself cheering for Joe and at the same time, hoping he just stops. Soon.

Night Film was another page-turner! Marisha Pessl wrote a fast-paced, dark mystery. A tale of an elusive director, who makes the scariest movies on Earth, and the actors clamoring to be in them, but are never the same again. This novel had a Quentin Tarantino vibe for sure and I loved it! Memorable characters and fun from start to finish.

I absolutely look forward to my MRRL Book Box each month and am so excited to share my reads with you along the way! Did I mention that your library card AND the MRRL Book Box are absolutely FREE!? Simply fill out a questionnaire describing the kind of books you like to read and MRRL’s amazing staff does the rest! Did I also mention you can even sign your child up for MRRL Book Box? Get signed up for your own MRRL Book Box now!

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