Erin’s Book Box 11

This month’s Book Box was fun!

So of course, I was excited to get started! The Missouri River Regional Library’s Book Box service is absolutely FANTASTIC! Fill out your survey today and get started reading books that you’ll enjoy. MRRL has lots of ways for you to enjoy the library including the bookmobile, homebound delivery, and curbside pickup! Also, don’t forget about all of their ebooks and audiobooks! If you haven’t already, get your FREE library card today! Find out about all these amazing services now!

I’m a sucker for a classic haunted house tale! Riley Sager delivers just that with Home Before Dark. Maggie Holt and her parents lived in a sprawling Victorian mansion until the night it drove them out. Maggie’s father wrote a book about their experience that was a best seller and made the family and their former home, infamous.  As an adult, Maggie returns to the house that drove them away in the middle of the night after only three weeks. What she discovers, you won’t see coming! I LOVED this book!

What else has Erin read? Find out now!

If you love gothic tales, this one is for you! The Girl From Rawblood by Catriona Ward is beautifully written with lots of vivid imagery. Their relatives have always died young, but why? Iris and her father are the last ones in the Villarca family. When Iris breaks her promise to her father and falls in love, she must deal with the terrifying consequences.

Everything old is new again. Pat Barker retells the legend of the Iliad. In The Silence of the Girls, your heart will break for the young women who now live as slaves in a Greek camp during the final weeks of the Trojan War. It follows the story of Briseis, who was given to Achilles as a prize after a battle. She must learn to quickly adapt and forget her former life, just like all the other women in camp. It’s a novel that you won’t be able to put down and will think of long after you are done reading it.

I absolutely look forward to my monthly MRRL Book Box and I’m so excited to share my reads with you along the way! Did I mention that your library card AND the MRRL Book Box are absolutely FREE!? Simply fill out a questionnaire describing the kind of books you like to read and MRRL’s amazing staff does the rest! Did I also mention you can even sign your child up for MRRL Book Box? Get signed up for your own MRRL Book Box now!

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