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Dierks Bentley’s ‘Gone’

Fridays have been ripe with new music!

Dierks Bentley has a brand new single on the radio this week called “Gone.” Dierks recently recorded the song and said it sums up a lot about 2020.

Dierks explained, “When it came time to go cut some stuff this song kind of rose to the top and I gravitated towards it because I love the title, I love a good classic country wordplay — you know, ‘ever since you left I’ve been gone,’ but he actually hasn’t gone anywhere. I feel like I’ve been gone, I feel like we’ve all been gone. I feel like country music in 2020 is just gone, so it touches on a little bit of the idea of what’s been going on here with COVID but it does in a metaphorical way through a relationship.”

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Dierks released the video for “Gone” also. Listen to the audio-video now!

Dierks took to Instagram to talk about his 2020 in general. Check out his post below!


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I moved out West with my family in March, and have been living in a small mountain town….making up for lost time with them. Between the adventures, there has been a lot of music. I’ve been writing a lot songs, listening to a lot of great songs from the Nashville songwriting community, hosting my apple radio show, helping my daughter’s with their own community radio show…and just playing and singing for fun. I’ve always had so much gratitude for our fans and for what we get to do for a living…and to say I feel that way now more than ever would be the greatest understatement ever made! I can’t wait to hang with my road family of band, crew and fans. As soon as we get the green light, we will be out there. Hope you enjoy the new music and the beginning of another chapter. Love you guys.

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