Is honey the secret medicine we all need?
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Could Honey Secretly Be Medicine?

Summer is ending and with that fall is right around the corner. However, while fall might be the preferred season for some, it’s also the time where people tend to get ill. No need to worry though just grab yourself a bottle of Honey!

If you manage to pick up a nasty cough over the next few months a couple of spoon fulls of honey and tea should be all you need. According to some researchers from the University of Oxford; 14 studies found that honey was the most effective treatment to get rid of a cough. This is above all other medicine that supposedly treats coughing symptoms. The studies also suggested the golden nectar can even cut the frequency and severity of your cough short by more than two days!

Scientists are now urging doctors to recommend honey as an alternative to antibiotics, which are often not prescribed correctly. Oh, not to mention honey also has fewer side effects! How often do you use the sweet stuff to treat a cold or scratchy sore throat?  Maybe the sweet stuff is secretly medicine!?! We are just glad it at least tastes good!

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