Cole Swindells New Album Has Him Determined To Write More

After releasing his newest album “All of It”, Cole Swindell wants to get back to his first love….Writing.

Cole Swindellis finding it hard to write since his career has been full steam ahead for the last couple of years. In fact, he tells us exclusively it became clear to him just how little time he has to dedicate to his first love when he looked at the track listing for his recently-released project, All of It. [“You know, when your career takes off and you’re touring, you switch mindsets. You’re in artist mode. You’re out there playing shows, you’re meeting people and the time isn’t really there to sit down and be creative and write, so you almost have to plan it out and it needs to kind of come to you. You don’t need to force it, so it has been a little bit of a battle writing but I will tell you (that) turning in this album (and) seeing I only wrote half of it, it’s motivating to me. I’m ready . . . That’s what got me here — writing songs. I’m going back to writing hard and just thinking about the future.”] 

Cole is nearing the top of the charts with “Break Up In The End,” one of the tracks on All of It that he did not write.

He kicks off his Reason To Drink . . .  Another tour on October 4th in Tuscaloosa, AL with special guest Dustin Lynch and Lauren Alaina.

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