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Carly Pearce Will Always Sing About Her Life

Life has its ups and downs.

Carly Pearce’s new seven-song project, 29, will be released Friday, February 19th, and it includes some of the most personal songs of her life. She made the announcement on her Instagram. Check it out!


She has said the new music lets listeners know what she experienced with the untimely loss of her producer, Busbee, and her short marriage to and divorce from Michael Ray. However, is she nervous about the reaction those insightful songs will draw from Michael or others close to the situation? Carly said, “What have I always done? I sing about my life. I sing and I try to interpret what goes on in my life the best way that I can. That’s what I started with when I was 25 years old and I’m doing nothing different in writing this music, and, you know, I’m writing from a place of speaking for what all women and men — I mean, I have some men tell me they really can relate to ‘Next Girl’ — but I’m just doing what I’ve always done.”

Read more about Carly here.

“Next Girl” is the lead single from 29. It currently sits inside the Top 30 and climbing on the country charts. Check out the video below!

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