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Carly Pearce Releases ’29’ Today

Another reason to be glad it’s Friday!

Carly Pearce’s brand new album, 29, documents her 29th year of life, which included the death of her close friend and producer, Busbee, as well as her eight-month marriage and divorce from fellow singer Michael Ray. Watch the “29” interview below!

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Carly said the idea for “29” came to her while she was visiting her parents in Alabama during quarantine and making some big personal decisions. Carly explained further, “I knew I had decisions to make long before the world knew and I was on the phone with a girlfriend kind of talking through some things and I said, ‘You know, I think I’m gonna have to write a song called ’29’, make a project around it, the year I got married and divorced,’ and she was silent and she goes, ‘Have fun with that,’ and the end of that chorus I think is why I decided to go there. It’s like ‘I thought I was gonna live it up, now I’m never gonna live it down,’ and this is kind of like my song to myself of going, ‘I’m gonna own it. I see it. Yes, but it’s okay.'”

Carly will turn 31 in April of this year. “29” boasts the lead single, “Next Girl,” and is a Top 30 hit and climbing. Watch the video now.

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