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Carly Pearce Is Enjoying Success

Carly Pearce is living the dream.

Carly’s debut album is on the horizon and her debut single, “Every Little Thing,” is inside the Top 10 and climbing on the country charts. Carly is the only female in the Top 10 currently! Carly said that getting there is definitely a case of beating the odds. Carly explains,“If you would’ve told me a year ago that I would be sitting in the Top 10 with a ballad about heartbreak I don’t think I would’ve ever, ever imagined. I’m kind of breaking every single rule as a new female artist that you can break, and I think it just shows you that music is music and truth is truth and fans want to hear the truth and I’m just so happy and excited and honored and will never take any of this for granted because of my story and because of the lessons I’ve learned, because of the journey I understand how few people get to be where I’m sitting right now and I will never, ever take that for granted.”

Carly Pearce’s new album, also called Every Little Thing, will be released on October 13th! Check out the video below!


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