Cake Shield is what everyone needs with Covid-19

The Cake Shield Is Here For All Covid Birthdays

Birthdays have always been a day full of fun and excitement. However, in light of recent times birthdays have changed at least for now! Since the coronavirus is still out there,  you can’t have big parties let alone blow out the candles of a cake. Or can you?

Turns out there is a way for you to enjoy birthdays the correct way and not spread germs! by blowing out those candles with something called the “Top It Cake Shield.

The Top It Cake Shield was initially inspired by research from The Canadian Center of Science and Education. This research analyzed how blowing out candles may contaminate desserts. The study found blowing out candles resulted in “1400% more bacteria” found on these cakes.

This new invention is made from Food and Drug Administration-approved recycled polystyrene. Which means it’s safe for any candle to be placed on top to be blown out all while keeping that beautiful cake germ free! The Cake Shield comes in 3 different sizes as well that all snap together, sealing the cake safely inside.

The CDC does say that foodborne exposure to the virus is not known to transfer COVID-19 however. Although when someone is blowing spit at something you are going to consume; it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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