Bring your own table and you eat free!

Bring A Table Get Free Meals!

You have heard of BYOB, but what about bring your own table? So, normally restaurants have all of the essentials you need for eating. Forks, spoons, tables, etc. However, there is a new pop up style restaurant that is opening running a very unusual promotion. Called Trattoria Birra Moretti, the promotion involves any guest or group to haul in their own table to sit at! Doing so gets you a free six course meal prepared by an acclaimed chef from Italy.

If you would like to still dine at the new restaurant you can as you will still be seated and served. Although, you will have to donate $13 to the Campaign Against Loneliness just to get into the place. Of course all tickets must be reserved ahead of time, so this means it will be one hard place to get into without a reservation.

Thoughts? While Trattoria Birra Moreti is only located in London at the moment… Do you think more restaurants should incorporate promotions or ideas such as this? Let us know below!

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