Brett Young promises more uplifting album.

Brett Young Promises Uplifting Album

Is he done writing ballads?

 Brett Young the king of Ballads, is just hours away now from releasing his next album, Ticket to L.A.! If you are a fan of Brett’s, one thing you will notice right away is that the new album is way more uplifting than his first! Which of course, he believes comes from more knowledge, experience, and him being in a better place in life…

With this second one, not only am I getting in the room with experienced, successful writers, being in this happy place in my life . . . there’s a lot more tempo, not intentionally.  It just happens naturally, but also even some of the, like, down tempo or sad songs have this, peppy feel to them and I don’t think that’s anything that you could, seek out intentionally. It’s hard to hide that in a song when that’s where you’re at in your life. And so, you know, it still sounds like a Brett Young record, but I think there’s a very different feel to it.

Ticket to L.A. is out tomorrow so we don’t have to wait long. Brett Young’s latest single Here Tonight is featured on the album, and the music video premieres this Saturday (December 8th) on CMT!   

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