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Breakfast For Your Brain

Get your gray matter into gear!

Each morning at 6:35 join Erin & Matt in the Morning for 94.3 KAT Country’s Breakfast for Your Brain with Hy-Vee.

Erin & Matt will ask YOU a challenging trivia question. Be the first person to correctly answer and you’ll win FREE donuts from Hy-Vee!

This week’s questions:

Monday, March 12th

Question: A recent survey says people do this more often on a Monday than any other day of the week. What is it?

Answer: Lose/misplace their keys!

Tuesday, March 13th

Question: A recent survey says a restaurant server can up their tips by 20% if thye provide excellent service and do one other thing. What is it?

Answer: Put a smiley face on their check!

Wednesday, March 14th

Question: According to a recent survey, 3 out of 4 people over the age of 45 keep one of these around but only 1 in 4 of those under 45 have on to them. What is it?

Answer: A phone book!

Thursday, March 15th

Question: What is the only food that can last forever… it doesn’t have an expiration date?

Answer: Honey!

Friday, March 16th

Question: A recent survey says to get a good night’s sleep, expert says you should do this 25 minutes before. What is it?

Answer: Stop using all electronics!

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  1. I missed on of the answers for Breakfast for your Brain a week or so ago and never go to look it up. It’s driving me nuts! It was the one that if women do it they could die but it doesn’t affect men. What was the answer???

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