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Big Surprise For Chris Young

Chris Young received an awesome surprise from one of his idol’s last night!

Chris was surprised last night during his Grand Ole Opry performance by Country Music Hall of Fame and Opry member Vince Gill! Vince had an invitation for Chris to become an official Opry member. It all went down just before Chris and Vince’s performance of their chart-topping duet “Sober Saturday Night,” which they celebrated earlier in the evening backstage at the Opry. Chris will formally be inducted into the Opry on Tuesday, October 17th, just days before he releases his 7th album, Losing Sleep, which arrives in stores on October 20th.

Vince joined Chris on stage and joked with him that he’d never been paid for his work on the “Sober Saturday Night” session. Vince said, “I’ll make you a deal — I’ll forgive the session fees if you’ll be the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry.” A shocked Chris eventually replied, “You’re getting triple scale at this point!” The two hugged and Chris lifted Vince up into the air. It was such a cool moment! 

Chris tweeted, “Tonight was so unreal! Growing up listening to the @opry, I never imagined that I would be invited to be a member!”

Check out the fun moment below!

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