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I was born in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and like Johnny Fever off WKRP I have been town to town and up and down the dial from Arizona to Wyoming to Missouri (three times) I decided I liked it here the best and so I have stayed. Jefferson City is a great place to live and all that Missouri has to offer is always less than a days drive away. I like to Golf, go on float trips and camp druing the summer. In the Winter it's all about my beloved Minnesota Vikings. I say it every year but THIS is their year!! I also like the Chiefs in the AFC and Arrowhead is one of (if not THE best) football enviorments in the NFL. I am also hooked on NHRA drag racing. I wasn't until I was dragged to one (pardon the pun) in person. If you have never seen a funny car or top fuel launch from the starting line in person it is something you have to see and HEAR in person! Got a dog named Jegs (If your a NHRA fan you know how he got that name.) Will post some pics of him soon. Feel free to drop me a line anytime and I appreciate you listening!