Alcohol to go might just be a normal thing!

Alcohol To-Go Laws Staying Indefinitely?

With the global pandemic, one thing happened to restaurants and bars around the world… closure! However, something else spawned from these closures. Alcohol to go! While nearly every restaurant and bar made the switch to pickup or delivery something was brewing behind the scenes.

Governers around the States began to sign orders allowing establishments to serve alcohol with all takeout orders. Now that the country is slowly reopening, states have been considering the possibility of permanent alcohol to go laws. Over 30 states have currently implemented measures that allow the sale of booze on the go. This is the case right now because of how much loss the industry has seen over the past few months.

According to the NRA, more than 8 million jobs have been lost, and over $120 billion in potential profit. Alcohol sales also make up nearly 10 percent of the industry’s revenue right now… So with current restrictions, it’s easy to see why laws have been let up recently!

The good news for Missouri is that orders for booze on the go will continue throughout the end of the year! Talk about allowing the new orders to remain indefinitely will then be discussed. Thoughts? Let us know below!

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