Big Kenny on TLC

He's comin' to your TV. (more…)

Jake Owen Heading For Divorce

Another country marriage is coming to an end. (more…)

Bet You’ve Never Seen The Lake Like This Before

The footage these guys got of Lake of the Ozarks will leave you speechless. (more…)

Kenny Chesney Breaks Record In K.C.

In 1994 Pink Floyd set an attendance record at Arrowhead Stadium playing in front of 56,132 people; this past weekend that record was broken. (more…)

Mmmmm……. Duff!

Hey Simpsons fans, now YOU can enjoy that wonderful Duff beer! (more…)

Luke Encourages YOU To Sing Along

Yesterday Luke Bryan made sure you could sing along to his new single "Kick The Dust Up." (more…)

Jumping Jacks

What do you think of jumping jacks as the official State exercise? That's a proposal that Missouri lawmakers are mulling over.   (more…)

Wheel of Fortune flub

Ever yell out the right answer to a TV game show? This guy could have used your help!   (more…)

This Week in Country Music

Here's what was happening...    (more…)

Goodbye, Archie

The world is preparing to bid farewell to Archie Andrews, the hero of the famous "Archie" comic book series. Yup, he's gonna die.   (more…)