Hilley & Hart
Jumping Jacks

What do you think of jumping jacks as the official State exercise? That's a proposal that Missouri lawmakers are mulling over.   (more…)

Furry Friends

Each Thursday morning at 8:10, we introduce you to a dog or cat from the Jefferson City Animal Shelter that would LOVE to be a part of your family! (more…)

Wheel of Fortune flub

Ever yell out the right answer to a TV game show? This guy could have used your help!   (more…)

This Week in Country Music

Here's what was happening...    (more…)

Goodbye, Archie

The world is preparing to bid farewell to Archie Andrews, the hero of the famous "Archie" comic book series. Yup, he's gonna die.   (more…)

Stuff you didn’t know about American Chinese food

Love Chinese food? There are lots of differences between what you find in the US and the stuff they serve in, oh say, CHINA.   (more…)

Letterman retiring

David Letterman has announced that he'll be hanging it up after more than 30 years behind a late night desk.   (more…)

Pudding-flavored Kit Kat pizza

They're LOVING this in Japan!   (more…)

This Week in Country Music

Here's what was happening...   (more…)

Beer for Lent?

Yup, a Toronto man has given up FOOD for Lent and is getting all his nutrition from beer instead.   (more…)