Breakfast for your Brain

Posted by Dave on February 28, 2014

Get your grey matter into gear!

Answer Erin and Dave‘s challenging Trivia question each morning at 6:35 and win a pair of movie passes to the Goodrich Quality TheatresCapital 8 in Jefferson City or Forum 8 in Columbia!


This week’s questions:

Monday, March 2

Q: A new survey reveals 80% of women would turn this down. What is it?
A: A trip to space.

Tuesday, March 3

Q: According to a recent survey, about 16% of people are doing this right now… what is it?
A: Eating & driving!

Wednesday, March 4

Q: 25% of women have done this… what is it?
A: Turn down a marriage proposal.

Thursday, March 5

No Question: RADIOTHON!

Friday, March 6

No Question: RADIOTHON!

Last week’s questions:

Monday, February 23

Q: People bought more than 9 million of these in 2014, an increase of 52% from the previous year. What is it?
A: Vinyl albums

Tuesday, February 24

Q: According to a new survey, only 19% of kids do this every day.
A: Make their bed.

Wednesday, February 25

Q: 5% of adults say they’ve never done this… what is it?
A: Fallen in love!

Thursday, February 26

Q: The average person will have four of these in their life… what is it?
A: People they trust

Friday, February 27

Q: In 1980 there were a total of 89 of these types of businesses in the entire United States. Now there are almost 3300 of these businesses. What are they?
A: Microbreweries


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