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Breakfast for your Brain

Get your gray matter into gear!

Answer 94.3 KAT Country’s challenging Trivia question each morning at 6:35 and win a pair of movie passes to the Goodrich Quality Theatres– Capital 8 in Jefferson City or Forum 8 in Columbia!


This week’s questions:

Monday, March 27th

Question: According to a recent survey, more cell phones are lost here than anywhere else. Where is it?

Answer: Grocery store!

Tuesday, March 21st

Question: According to a survey, the average person has at least one of these that they have not used in the last nine months. What is it?

Answer: A key on their key chain!

Wednesday, March 22nd

Question: Survey says, just 15% of men have this on their desk. What is it?

Answer: A picture of their pet!

Thursday, March 23rd

Question: According to a survey, we do this three times a day on average. What is it?

Answer: Tie shoes!

Friday, March 24th

Question: Which Disney Pixar movie was the first fully computer generated animated film?

Answer: Toy Story!

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