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Breakfast for your Brain

Posted by Dave on February 28, 2014

Get your grey matter into gear!

Answer Erin and Dave‘s challenging Trivia question each morning at 6:35 and win a pair of movie passes to the Goodrich Quality TheatresCapital 8 in Jefferson City or Forum 8 in Columbia!


This week’s questions:

Monday, November 24

Q: The average married man does this “chore” several times a year – what is it?
A: Watching a “chick-flick”!

Tuesday, November 25

Q: These happen more on Thanksgiving then on any other day of the year. What are they?
A: 5K races

Wednesday, November 26

Q: 33% of us admit to doing this even though we know it annoys people. What is it?
A: Talking in the theatre.

Thursday, November 27


Friday, November 28


Last week’s questions:

Monday, November 17

Q: The first occurrence of this took place in 1962 and according to a new survey, this year 33 million people are spending $3.6 billion on it.
A: Fantasy Football

Tuesday, November 18

Q: According to a new survey, 24% of cell phone owners say they regularly talk on their cell phone while in this location.
A: The bathroom

Wednesday, November 19

Q: A new poll finds that 10% of husbands have actually done THIS, but never told anyone they did. What is it?
A: Tried on their wife’s bra.

Thursday, November 20

Q: A recent poll revealed that 10% of us will confess that we’ve given these away as gifts. What are they?
A: Hotel amenities.

Friday, November 21

Q: According to a new survey, 94% of couples say doing this four to seven times a week is the key to a happy relationship.
A: Holding hands


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