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Breakfast for your Brain

Posted by Dave on February 28, 2014

Get your grey matter into gear!

Answer Erin and Dave‘s challenging Trivia question each morning at 6:35 and win a pair of movie passes to the Goodrich Quality TheatresCapital 8 in Jefferson City or Forum 8 in Columbia and score a $10 gift certificate for Oscar’s Classic Diner!


This week’s questions:

Monday, September 15

Q: Only 30% of us have the ability to do this… what is it?
A: Flare our nostrils.

Tuesday, September 16

Q: Tim McGraw has at least five tattoos (that we know of) including a cross and his wife Faith’s name, but the first tattoo he ever got is one of these mythical creatures wearing a cowboy hat.
A: A Leprechaun

Wednesday, September 17

Q: 55% of women have used company time to do this. What is it?
A: Go tanning!

Thursday, September 18

Q: The average speed of this is about 35 miles per hour, and it has something to do with humans. What?
A: Your sneeze

Friday, September 19

Q: According to Forbes, more than one-third of McDonald’s profits come from sales of this menu item.  What is it?
A: The ‘Happy Meal’

Last week’s questions:

Monday, September 8

Q: According to new research 68% of adults admit to getting caught up on this over a weekend even though they didn’t mean to. What is it?
A: Binge Watching a TV series.

Tuesday, September 9

Q: According to a new survey, the average family of four in San Francisco will spend $641.50 on this. That’s the most expensive of anywhere in the country.
A: Going to an NFL game.

Wednesday, September 10

Q: McDonald’s Restaurants added this to their stores for the first time in 1968, and it wasn’t a menu item… What is it?
A: Female employees

Thursday, September 11

Q: A recent survey found that menus are the germiest things in restaurants. What is second on the restaurant germ list?
A: Ketchup bottles.

Friday, September 12

Q: Guys think it’s cool, but according to Cosmo, 3-out-of-5 women say it’s a major turnoff when a man does this.
A: Winks at them


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