Breakfast for your Brain

Posted by Dave on February 28, 2014

Get your grey matter into gear!

Answer Erin and Dave‘s challenging Trivia question each morning at 6:35 and win a pair of movie passes to the Goodrich Quality Theatres– Capital 8 in Jefferson City or Forum 8 in Columbia!


This week’s questions:

Monday, June 29

Q: 45% of people say they only used this the first day they bought it. What is it?
A: The sun roof of their car

Tuesday, June 30

Q: 3 out of 10 Americans do NOT have one of these. What is it?
A: A savings account!

Wednesday, July 1

Q: The average woman will do this 50 times during her lifetime. What is it?
A: Color her hair. 

Thursday, July 2

Q: Women who do this are 12% more confident and happier. What is it?
A: Wear skinny (tight) jeans.

Friday, July 3

No question today.

Last week’s questions:

Monday, June 22

Q: 82% of Americans say doing this is rude… what is it?
A: Calling someone before 8am!

Tuesday, June 23

Q: This is the #1 food item that people will take on road trips… what is it?
A: Beef Jerky

Wednesday, June 24

Q: 10 years ago, only 8% of couples admitted doing this. Today, it’s up to 18%… what is it?
A: Sleeping in separate beds!

Thursday, June 25

Q: The average American family has 8 of these in their house that they got for free. What is it?
A: Coffee mugs

Friday, June 26

Q: 28% of American adults have not done this even once in the past 12 months. What is it?
A: Take a vacation day!


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